My 2019

And what a year it was...again! So much shooting, so many new faces, and places, and boy, it was a heck of a year! 2019 was absolutely packed and my goodness...I'm hoping I can get through it all! I'll be going through my personal best moments and sharing my favorite photos and some of my best … Continue reading My 2019

Coffee and Parks

There's nothing quite like Christmas at home. I was able to be home for Christmas again in 2019, and seeing my whole family is something that's always such a fun experience. From watching my brothers play hockey to enjoying a giant game of Uno or Madden 20. It's also an opportunity for me to see … Continue reading Coffee and Parks

The Second Shoot

Newburyport is such a wonderful place. In warmer weather... Kate and I decided to shoot again in the frigid temperatures near the sea - yes, there was wind, and yes, it was very cold. I don't usually whine and complain for winter to end and summer to begin (I've barely even seen snow this winter), … Continue reading The Second Shoot

The First Shoot

It was a smashing success. I dug up some old film cameras, one of which my grandfather gave me a while back and an old Polaroid camera. I've had both of these for quite some time but had never used them as props - I even twice brought the Polaroid on my recent shoots in … Continue reading The First Shoot

My 2018

What a year it was. A lot of shooting. A fair bit of traveling. A good number of blogs. And even more growth. That defines my 2018, in photography and creative terms. I look back on all of the photos I did this past year, and wow, there's a lot to account for. I'm going … Continue reading My 2018