Coffee and Parks

There's nothing quite like Christmas at home. I was able to be home for Christmas again in 2019, and seeing my whole family is something that's always such a fun experience. From watching my brothers play hockey to enjoying a giant game of Uno or Madden 20. It's also an opportunity for me to see … Continue reading Coffee and Parks

Always Ready for Coffee

I mean, that's pretty standard by now, isn't it? See, this was a different shoot than usual...Samantha and I didn't do any actual shooting because the temperature was in the teens and the wind was blowing hard. And we were right on the water. Not exactly the best shooting conditions, huh? It wasn't a huge problem … Continue reading Always Ready for Coffee

TIPS ON TUESDAY: Bad Habits in Photography

I wrote this and didn't post it! Ahh!! Anyways, I have some of the worst habits ever. There's honestly so many things I do in photography I need to remedy. I decided I would, well, make a list of all these things I need to axe from my habits! Here's a couple things I do … Continue reading TIPS ON TUESDAY: Bad Habits in Photography

Samantha in Stiglmeier at Sunset

This title just kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? I've been AWOL for a little bit and I'm not quite sure why! I guess I wasn't shooting as much, and school got in the way, so I missed a week or two. No matter! I'm back now, I've got an exciting post planned for … Continue reading Samantha in Stiglmeier at Sunset

Something About Spot Coffee

Faith and I have a thing for coffee shops. Spot Coffee, in particular. We've gone to a different location every time we've gone out shooting and they never disappoint. First Delaware Ave, Hertel Ave, and now Elmwood Ave. I'm not sure why we've ended our shoots at a different one each time but we're three … Continue reading Something About Spot Coffee