TIPS-ON-TUESDAY: 5 Photography Tips to Create Better Portraits

I can't remember my first camera. I remember going through a bunch of small, point and shoot cameras when I was much younger and, of course, those older yellow cameras, the old Kodak FunSaver 35mm cameras with film. I just bought my first camera in mid-February (actually on Valentine's Day...) and it's been a whirlwind … Continue reading TIPS-ON-TUESDAY: 5 Photography Tips to Create Better Portraits

This. Location.

I was beside myself. It was easily the best spot ever. I could legitimately shoot here for a week straight and shoot in different locations all day for seven days straight. I legitimately wish I was kidding. This place was unreal.   Inside and out. Wow.   I don't like shooting indoors but her house … Continue reading This. Location.

Who Are You?

What do you do?? Hello readers! So, there's 50 of you good souls following me (I can't believe it's even that high!) and I only know a few of all y'all personally, so I want to know - who are you? What do ya do? Most importantly, why do you follow my blog and read … Continue reading Who Are You?

The Second Shoot

Newburyport is such a wonderful place. In warmer weather... Kate and I decided to shoot again in the frigid temperatures near the sea - yes, there was wind, and yes, it was very cold. I don't usually whine and complain for winter to end and summer to begin (I've barely even seen snow this winter), … Continue reading The Second Shoot

The First Shoot

It was a smashing success. I dug up some old film cameras, one of which my grandfather gave me a while back and an old Polaroid camera. I've had both of these for quite some time but had never used them as props - I even twice brought the Polaroid on my recent shoots in … Continue reading The First Shoot