Corona del Mar, California

Ah, to be in California again. I traveled to California for the week of Thanksgiving and got to explore some areas by myself with my camera. I've never really gotten the opportunity to go where I wanted to with this much freedom. Sure, in 2018 I could go where I wanted when I had an … Continue reading Corona del Mar, California

My 2019

And what a year it was...again! So much shooting, so many new faces, and places, and boy, it was a heck of a year! 2019 was absolutely packed and my goodness...I'm hoping I can get through it all! I'll be going through my personal best moments and sharing my favorite photos and some of my best … Continue reading My 2019

Five More Tips For Better Portraits

When I wrote the first edition of this, I realized nearly a week after that I had even more ideas for ways to create better portraits, so we're back with more ways to better your photography and step up your portraiture work! I hope this is informative and easy enough to understand so you can … Continue reading Five More Tips For Better Portraits

Miscellaneous Photos From My Neighborhood

Okay, this is a really random blog but it needs to happen. So, sometimes I get bored and go out and take photos at some random location. It happens fairly often and not often enough, if that makes any sense. But, it's a fun little exercise, if I'm being honest! I like it a lot … Continue reading Miscellaneous Photos From My Neighborhood

TIPS ON TUESDAY: Posing Models

It's a simple method. More often than not, with new models, I get asked "Oh, what kinds of poses should I do?" "What do I do with my hands?" "Does this look good?" "Should I do this?" Here's what I tell people. Literally everyone. "Natural movements go a long way." I'm sure if you took … Continue reading TIPS ON TUESDAY: Posing Models