The Second Shoot

Newburyport is such a wonderful place. In warmer weather…

Kate and I decided to shoot again in the frigid temperatures near the sea – yes, there was wind, and yes, it was very cold. I don’t usually whine and complain for winter to end and summer to begin (I’ve barely even seen snow this winter), but wow, I do miss my Australian and LA beaches. It is cold out there, friends.

Kate misses those beaches, too. She recently moved out to Los Angeles for a bit before she begins her next chapter in life. We reminisced over the warm sunshine and the beautiful beaches in El Segundo and Hermosa Beach. She’ll beat me back out there but I hope to return to Los Angeles at some point this year. I need my beaches!

Newburyport is a quaint little New England beach town near the border to New Hampshire. I don’t know when the first time I went to Newburyport was but I’ve only ever brought a camera twice, this being the second. Generally I’d come here and get lunch or coffee or something and explore the town. That ended up being very helpful to do in earlier years because now I know some of the local spots and places! It’s a definite recommendation to anyone visiting Massachusetts.

While shooting on a little balcony (pictured above), I saw this store I just absolutely had to shoot in. The lighting looked near perfect and the location was stellar. We walked in and Kate immediately saw some hats and tried a few on. The woman in the store helped her out and found a couple of hats and Kate ended up buying one that all of us really liked! Then, the shoot by the windows.

Here’s a couple more because these are some of my favorite shots.

From here, we moved to a coffee shop. I was a little disappointed to learn that it wasn’t Atomic Cafe anymore, but it was something similar – perhaps they rebranded! I have no clue. All we wanted to do was take a couple shots with with the coffee mug. I think we achieved what we wanted. Her and I see these posts all the time on Instagram and I never thought in a million years that I would be taking these shots! I did remember during writing this blog that I took a shot of my friend Mallory way back in early 2017 in Spot Coffee, a place in Buffalo, NY. I guess I’ve done it before, huh.

Finally, we headed down towards the beach! Well, sort of. We didn’t make it there because I found a really cool spot where, ironically, I’d shot with my sister a couple years back. It was golden hour (which is more like an hour now!) and the light was perfect. We pulled over on the side of the road and crossed back and forth, trying to find the best spots to shoot. We came away with a lot of different shots in the same location, something I’m trying to do more in 2019. I want to use the most out of my locations.

And boy, did we accomplish that goal!

And here’s some more!

We were running out of light and the wind was constantly blowing. Not exactly a fun situation! We found one last location and it was a keeper. I drove by and noticed a car far off the road and decided that the person in the car had a fantastic idea and we followed suit. We had an incredible backdrop of the sunset with a very soft, fading golden hue. It was pretty epic.

And finally, some silhouettes.

By now, it was cold. Goodbye. We were freezing our fingers off, me especially…I really need some gloves! I suppose my problem is that I need gloves that are warm but are thin enough to use a camera with. Late Christmas present anyone? Then I won’t have to suffer anymore!

But this shoot…just wow.

Parting shot:

We were American kids.

Next blog: Who are you?

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