Exploring Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah

The engine hums through the canyon as tires filled with salt and sand roll on black asphalt. The canyon turns and winds through a carved out path through a beautiful canyon, filled with high mountains on either side and breathtaking lookouts from time to time. The drive is mostly silent, save for the occasional oncoming … Continue reading Exploring Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah

My 2019

And what a year it was...again! So much shooting, so many new faces, and places, and boy, it was a heck of a year! 2019 was absolutely packed and my goodness...I'm hoping I can get through it all! I'll be going through my personal best moments and sharing my favorite photos and some of my best … Continue reading My 2019

A Day at Dimple Dell

Dimple Dell. Oh, where would I be without Dimple Dell? It's a pretty park. Horse trails and walking trails. Lots of brush and acreage. It's a pretty massive park located in Sandy, Utah, and relatively close to where I live. It's also a pretty neat location for photography and I've gone there multiple times to … Continue reading A Day at Dimple Dell

A Sip Among the Mountains

If only we had brought candles for this... Mercedes and I decided to take a little trip to Dimple Dell Park for a little walk and photoshoot (but we'll do the photoshoot photos in a different blog!). So, we'll start this journey halfway through. I've been wanting to get a very particular shot of the … Continue reading A Sip Among the Mountains

Miscellaneous Photos From My Neighborhood

Okay, this is a really random blog but it needs to happen. So, sometimes I get bored and go out and take photos at some random location. It happens fairly often and not often enough, if that makes any sense. But, it's a fun little exercise, if I'm being honest! I like it a lot … Continue reading Miscellaneous Photos From My Neighborhood