Coffee and Parks

There’s nothing quite like Christmas at home.

I was able to be home for Christmas again in 2019, and seeing my whole family is something that’s always such a fun experience. From watching my brothers play hockey to enjoying a giant game of Uno or Madden 20. It’s also an opportunity for me to see a couple friends! We didn’t shoot much at all, but I did capture some pictures of the downtown area of my town and a few here and there of them. It’s so lovely being back in my hometown.

I met my friends Kate and Angel for breakfast and coffee, and honestly, the day was pretty uneventful. We caught up from the last time we came together in Salt Lake City.and chatted over breakfast for a long time! I remembered a lot of events that have taken place over the past couple of months and even years and it’s been kinda funny – Kate has been there for lots of them! I keep running into her in different states…California, New York, Utah, our home state of Massachusetts…it’s entertaining for sure! And I just met Angel this past June, so we’ll see how that one goes!!

Angel does a lot of film photography and that was a huge point into my recent developments of film photography – I’ve pestered her with questions from time to time and I’ve learned some things here and there! It’s nice knowing someone who’s got a but more knowledge on something that you do – especially when it’s photography related!

This wraps up my last “shoot” of 2019. It’s kind of funny – 2019 started and ended with shoots involving Kate. This year will be different, since I’ll be back in Salt Lake to start the New Year, but it’s funny to have some familiarity at the beginning and the end of the year. Wacky!

Until the next blog,

~ Justin

Parting shot:

Forward Unto Somewhere.

Next blog: The big one. It’s going to be a long one, too, so get your coffee or tea or something ready for a longgggg read!

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