Adapting And Reminiscing

It's funny, I feel like we've been in quarantine so long that I almost forget what real life is like. Life turned upside down, yeah? Here in Utah, it isn't too bad, but I can only imagine it'll get worse. I don't want to think about it, so I won't talk about it (and y'all … Continue reading Adapting And Reminiscing

It’s Been A While…

Hello, y'all... I figured this was a good photo to use for a cover image because...well, the storm moved in and it's not leaving anytime soon! Happy sky...angry sky...happy sky...ANGRIER SKY!! It's been a while since I've blogged anything on here and I'm not exactly sure why. Sure, this pandemic has been a little annoying … Continue reading It’s Been A While…

TIPS-ON-TUESDAY: 5 Photography Tips to Create Better Portraits

I can't remember my first camera. I remember going through a bunch of small, point and shoot cameras when I was much younger and, of course, those older yellow cameras, the old Kodak FunSaver 35mm cameras with film. I just bought my first camera in mid-February (actually on Valentine's Day...) and it's been a whirlwind … Continue reading TIPS-ON-TUESDAY: 5 Photography Tips to Create Better Portraits

Coffee Shop #4

I've been to a lot of coffee shops this year. Like, a lot of coffee shops. And I've been to more since then. You see, I don't really like shooting indoors. Actually, I'll say it: I don't like shooting indoors. I'm not good at it. But, how do you get better at something? You do … Continue reading Coffee Shop #4

The First Shoot

It was a smashing success. I dug up some old film cameras, one of which my grandfather gave me a while back and an old Polaroid camera. I've had both of these for quite some time but had never used them as props - I even twice brought the Polaroid on my recent shoots in … Continue reading The First Shoot