Grand Teton National Park: Mormon Row Cabin Review

Mormon Row is a pretty good view point. If you're planning a trip to Grand Teton National Park, you've likely seen some pretty pictures of this place, and one of them may look something like this: It's a pretty neat spot, and it offers some incredible views of the Tetons. You can walk around the … Continue reading Grand Teton National Park: Mormon Row Cabin Review

My 2019

And what a year it was...again! So much shooting, so many new faces, and places, and boy, it was a heck of a year! 2019 was absolutely packed and my goodness...I'm hoping I can get through it all! I'll be going through my personal best moments and sharing my favorite photos and some of my best … Continue reading My 2019

The Buffalo Central Terminal

So, the first ever actual, "real" photoshoot took place in abandoned building. I just went back to shoot in one for the first time in three years. Who better to go with than Maddie? She and I have already had a variety of shoots. We've done the outside shoot at Tifft Nature Preserve, a fun … Continue reading The Buffalo Central Terminal