Postcard: Wish You Were Here!

Hey there,We found a spot in the midle of the forest. No one else was around. The birds tweeted their songs, the water lapped up on the shore, and the wind whistled through the trees.Creeking branches and the crunch of animals running about kept the forest alive.Wish you were here!~ Justin Next blog: Brink of … Continue reading Postcard: Wish You Were Here!

Postcard: Lunch in Yellowstone National Park, WY

Lunch by the river. This was an awesome spot. We had it all to ourselves! Bonus postcard. Because I love this shot. The river moved fast. Next blog: Time for our next adventure!

Postcard: Morning Coffee in Yellowstone National Park, WY

Morning camp coffee. It doesn't get too much better than this! Next blog: Yellowstone, for real. Let's go!

Paddle Boarding at Deer Creek Reservoir, Utah

Deer Creek Reservoir is one of the larger reservoirs in Utah. It sits behind the Wasatch Front, just north of Provo and south of Park City and Hever City. It takes about 45 minutes from Sandy, Utah, 1 hour from Salt Lake City, 30 minutes from Park City, and 25 minutes from Provo. On a … Continue reading Paddle Boarding at Deer Creek Reservoir, Utah

Paddle Boarding at Tibble Fork Reservoir, Utah

Tibble Fork is a small reservoir located up American Fork Canyon, about 1 hour southeast of Salt Lake City, 25-minutes from American Fork, and 40 minutes from Provo. It's smaller than Rockport State Park or the Great Salt Lake, but it's a nice place to go if you can get here in the middle of … Continue reading Paddle Boarding at Tibble Fork Reservoir, Utah