Taking a Scenic Cruiser Ride on Lake Yellowstone, Wyoming

This trip to Yellowstone was nothing like I had ever experienced in the past. It was filled with new adventures, few people, lots of wildlife, and fun adventures. One of the plans I made this trip was for a scenic cruiser ride on Lake Yellowstone, and I somehow managed to keep it a secret from Mercedes up until the event! I've wanted to get out on Yellowstone Lake in a big way before, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for a fun time (and a surprise) and to complete my little goal!

Postcard: Falling In Love With Waterfalls.

Heyo,Yellowstone is pretty full with waterfalls. You can practically hit 10-15 just on the side of the road if you;re in the right area. We stumbled upon this one somewhere on the Grand Loop Road between West Thumb and Old Faithful.We also saw a pretty view overlooking Shoshone Lake and crossed the continental divide.Pretty cool … Continue reading Postcard: Falling In Love With Waterfalls.

Postcard: Hello, Brother.

Hey you,Mercedes and I hiked to a beautiful waterfall in Yellowstone called Mystic Falls. It was super pretty! There weren't many people on the trail, so we felt very alone.Then, we climbed some steep switchbacks for some beautiful panoramic views. We escaped msotly unscathed from sunburn. As a great vampire once said: “There is no … Continue reading Postcard: Hello, Brother.

6 Things To Do at Oktoberfest at Snowbird, Utah

Oktoberfest in Utah is one of the best celebrations of the year. It takes place at Snowbird Mountain Resort from August until October. Food, games, shops, and of course, beer, are all part of this long celebration! So, why go? Read now!

Postcard: Wish You Were Here!

Hey there,We found a spot in the midle of the forest. No one else was around. The birds tweeted their songs, the water lapped up on the shore, and the wind whistled through the trees.Creeking branches and the crunch of animals running about kept the forest alive.Wish you were here!~ Justin