A Day Spent by the Atlantic Coast in Maine

Getting away to Maine was just the escape we needed after we had spent a few days in the classic Massachusetts summer thunderstorms.

An Early Morning At the Salt Flats in NorthWestern Utah

The sun rose, slowly but surely, and spread its shining rays over the tops of the mountains, illuminating them with first light. The light slowly made its way down the mountains before blanketing the valley floor in beautiful, bright golden morning light.

Walking The Beach at Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach is one of my favorite places to visit when I come to southern California, second only to Malibu, of course.

A Beach Day + Sunset At Corona del Mar, California

I arrived in California and had to go to one of my childhood favorite beaches, Corona del Mar. Located just next to Newport Beach, this was one of my mother's favorites when she was growing up here, so, naturally, it became a frequented beach for our family.

Hiking Up Albion Basin at Alta | Pre-Season Snowboarding

An early snow season means hiking season just got a whole lot more intense. Instead of hiking with an intense pack, sweating the entire time and swatting away bugs, I put on some snow-pants, tie up my snowboarding boots, strap a snowboard to my pack, grab my poles, and head up the mountain!