My 2018

What a year it was. A lot of shooting. A fair bit of traveling. A good number of blogs. And even more growth. That defines my 2018, in photography and creative terms. I look back on all of the photos I did this past year, and wow, there's a lot to account for. I'm going … Continue reading My 2018

Flock to Frock

Yeah, yeah, bit weak up there but gimme a break. It turns out that biking that 60 miles and meeting Abby paid off literally as I did my first shoot with a clothing line, Frock Fashions. Abby called me at work and left a shaky voicemail. I thought something was wrong so once I listened … Continue reading Flock to Frock

“I just want to move it.”

Turns out, biking 60 miles has it perks. It landed me a shoot with a pretty rad southern girl. I don't know why I didn't do this earlier, but I finally started reaching out to some models in the LA area asking if anyone wanted to shoot. Abby Tyner responded and we chatted a bit. … Continue reading “I just want to move it.”

Venice Canals

No, not Italia. California. I've been in LA for over a week and a half and I haven't written a single blog yet. What am I doing with my life? Well, let me tell you a little about this trip to Venice. I was lucky enough to meet a friend named Anne who decided we … Continue reading Venice Canals