Grand Teton National Park: Mormon Row Cabin Review

Mormon Row is a pretty good view point. If you're planning a trip to Grand Teton National Park, you've likely seen some pretty pictures of this place, and one of them may look something like this: It's a pretty neat spot, and it offers some incredible views of the Tetons. You can walk around the … Continue reading Grand Teton National Park: Mormon Row Cabin Review

It’s Already May!?

I can't believe it's already May. 2020 has flown by and I can't believe we're already in the month of May. The year is practically over at this point, and some of us have spent the better part of 2 months in quarantine! Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing because obviously, this virus is … Continue reading It’s Already May!?

Take a Little Drive

Quarantine has definitely been a bit rough. It's hard to stay home and not shoot, hang out with friends, and do the usual things we are accustomed to every single day. That's why I'm happy I live in Utah. When I get antsy, I can go for a little drive through the canyons, or anywhere … Continue reading Take a Little Drive

It’s Been A While…

Hello, y'all... I figured this was a good photo to use for a cover image because...well, the storm moved in and it's not leaving anytime soon! Happy sky...angry sky...happy sky...ANGRIER SKY!! It's been a while since I've blogged anything on here and I'm not exactly sure why. Sure, this pandemic has been a little annoying … Continue reading It’s Been A While…

8 Hours in Idaho: A Short Idaho Roadtrip

Bear Lake didn't really work not go to Idaho...? Yeah, that's kinda what we did...actually, that is what we did! Mercedes and I wanted to go to Bear Lake for the day, which spans the border of northeastern Utah and southeastern Idaho. We drove through the canyon to reach the lake and upon reaching … Continue reading 8 Hours in Idaho: A Short Idaho Roadtrip