Hello there!

(It sounds better if you say it in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s voice…)

I’m Justin! I’m kinda wacky and weird but hey, being boring is no fun. I’m a photographer and cinematographer in Buffalo, New York during the academic calendar and Boston, Massachusetts during the non-academic calendar.


2018 saw me step up my portraits.

The summer of 2018 found me in Los Angeles for an internship at Loyola Marymount University doing what I love – photography and videography. From there, I went back to Massachusetts for a couple weeks before heading out West to Yellowstone National Park. College started back up and now I have one semester left until I am FREE from college! I cannot wait.


2017 was the year of travel. International travel, that is.

I traveled to Argentina for two weeks and shot a documentary which premiered at my college, Canisius College, on March 21st, 2018. I studied abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia for five months. I traveled to New Zealand for two weeks and captured some amazing photos and film. Aside from traveling internationally, I also hit Pennsylvania and North Carolina for a few weeks. From mid-April until July 14th I was not in the same place for more than three weeks – and I absolutely loved it. Traveling is something that I absolutely love and will continue to do for my life.


See you on the front page!


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