Hello there!

I’m Justin! Whenever I am not working or producing blogs and lovely photos on this website, I’m deep in the mountains near in Salt Lake City, Utah. I do lots of social media management for multiple companies, including a kitchen appliance company, a hair salon, a real estate team, and most recently a coffee shop. I’m kind of a busy dude! Between all the jobs I do nearly every day, I’m able to escape to the mountains for some fun. From snowboarding and cross-country skiing in the winter time to camping, hiking, and backpacking from spring through fall, the mountains are my happy place. Here’s a little bit about my past self!

2021: Snowboarding and Hiking

I’m always ready to talk about snowboarding, hiking, lakes, summits, backpacking, camping, and basically anything outdoors. After recovering from a knee injury and the closure of gyms, I’m back in good shape. I was skiing and snowboarding three or four times a week during the season, my first winter sports season in Utah. Now, I’m hiking 15-20 miles a week in the nearby Wasatch Mountains and Uinta Mountains. I’ve also been blogging a lot more consistently, and writing about all the hikes I’ve been going on to help anyone who may need a little more information – and pretty photos!

2020: The Year of national parks

I visited seven National Parks in 2020, and it was quite the ride! I hit all of the Utah and Wyoming National Parks, and although I visited all of them, I am nowhere near to completing them all! 2020 saw me buy equipment for car camping and short range hikes. I also took a huge interest in landscape photography, something I had done a little bit of in years past. With Covid-19 changing the world and people unavailable to be the subject of my photos, I turned to the Great Outdoors. And, I walked away with some amazing shots.

2019: Finishing buffalo and moving to SLC

I really stepped on the gas with portraiture in 2019 as I made a lot of new friends through the photography community. It was a fun five months in 2019, but, all good things had to come to an end. With the end of my time in Buffalo growing closer and closer, my portraits started to have more meaning, as most of the people I photographed I haven’t seen in person since then. I graduated from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY in May of 2019, and within a month, I was packed up and moved out to a new place: Salt Lake City in Utah! I met some new friends fast, got into some portraits early on, and also started growing a deep appreciation for the mountains I now lived near.

2018 saw me step up my portraits.

The summer of 2018 found me in Los Angeles for an internship at Loyola Marymount University doing what I love – photography and videography. From there, I went back to Massachusetts for a couple weeks before heading out West to Yellowstone National Park. I toured that for a week before flying out to Buffalo to finish my last year at Canisius College. I did more portraits my senior year than maybe my three previous years of college! I truly fell in love with the art of the portrait.

2017 was the year of travel. International travel, that is.

I traveled to Argentina for two weeks and shot a documentary which premiered at Canisius College, on March 21st, 2018. I studied abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia for five months. I traveled to New Zealand for two weeks and captured some amazing photos and film. Aside from traveling internationally, I also hit Pennsylvania and North Carolina for a few weeks. From mid-April until July 14th I was not in the same place for more than three weeks – and I absolutely loved it. Traveling is something that I absolutely love and will continue to do for my life.

See you on the front page!

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