Grand Teton National Park: Mormon Row Cabin Review

Mormon Row is a pretty good view point. If you're planning a trip to Grand Teton National Park, you've likely seen some pretty pictures of this place, and one of them may look something like this: It's a pretty neat spot, and it offers some incredible views of the Tetons. You can walk around the … Continue reading Grand Teton National Park: Mormon Row Cabin Review

Taking My Shelby GT to Logan Canyon

  Ahh, what a lovely day for driving a Shelby in Logan Canyon. It seriously was a beautiful day for a canyon drive up Logan Canyon and well, I hadn't ever taken her out for a ride up the canyon, so why not go for it sometime! I think she loved getting out and about, … Continue reading Taking My Shelby GT to Logan Canyon

Five More Tips For Better Portraits

When I wrote the first edition of this, I realized nearly a week after that I had even more ideas for ways to create better portraits, so we're back with more ways to better your photography and step up your portraiture work! I hope this is informative and easy enough to understand so you can … Continue reading Five More Tips For Better Portraits

Miscellaneous Photos From My Neighborhood

Okay, this is a really random blog but it needs to happen. So, sometimes I get bored and go out and take photos at some random location. It happens fairly often and not often enough, if that makes any sense. But, it's a fun little exercise, if I'm being honest! I like it a lot … Continue reading Miscellaneous Photos From My Neighborhood

Makin’ Banana Pancakes…Waffles…

Banana waffles. We made banana waffles and they were so good. This is going to be a short, little blog but it'll be a fun one! Something I don't do often is food photography! I've done plenty of coffee photography because...well, I went to lots of coffee shops in Buffalo, but I haven't been to … Continue reading Makin’ Banana Pancakes…Waffles…