Miscellaneous Photos From My Neighborhood

Okay, this is a really random blog but it needs to happen.

So, sometimes I get bored and go out and take photos at some random location. It happens fairly often and not often enough, if that makes any sense. But, it’s a fun little exercise, if I’m being honest! I like it a lot and it gets me out and about and thinking about how to take photos of random subjects. So, get ready for a short and weird blog.


So this one is kind of fun – it’s about perspective! I could’ve taken a bit of a boring photo here but instead decided to turn around and take another shot with the ivy in front. Bit random but so is this blog, yo.


I have been wanting to take pictures of this Dodge truck for so long now and I finally got it done. Old cars are honestly a lot of fun! I need to do a full blown shoot with this one day…


Sometimes it’s the simple things that can go a long way for a photo, like a profile shot. Other times, getting creative with light is fun, which is illustrated well in the first photo.

It’s a fire hydrant.

Yes, I literally took a photo of a fire hydrant. Enjoy.


I’ll never tell.



Okay, I will say, it’s so cool to see mountains from my window and when I walk out of my house to my driveway. Like, that’s really cool and I still haven’t gotten over that fact. I was at my friends house the other day watching a storm blow in and wow…it won’t get old!

Parting shot:

Mountain home? Sorta?

Next blog: Well that was a fun one. Back to the regular scheduled blogs! We’ve got a tips blog coming up, so if you want to make your portraits better, I’ve got suggestions. Get back here on Tuesday, y’all! 🙂

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