Five More Tips For Better Portraits

When I wrote the first edition of this, I realized nearly a week after that I had even more ideas for ways to create better portraits, so we're back with more ways to better your photography and step up your portraiture work! I hope this is informative and easy enough to understand so you can … Continue reading Five More Tips For Better Portraits

9 Tips on Portrait Photography Locations & Outfits

The two of these go hand-in-hand, sometimes quite literally. Portraying a mood in a photo is essential in creating a powerful image. I always recommend to bring a few different outfits for a particular shoot. This helps for two reasons. One, it gives me and the model more variety, allowing us to portray several different … Continue reading 9 Tips on Portrait Photography Locations & Outfits

FIVE FOR FRIDAY: The First Day of Spring?! Outer Harbor!

Was it really the first day of spring?! It certainly felt like it! It honestly was so warm that both Kaila and I shed our outer layers and were actually wearing just shirts. Absolutely insane, everyone. We never thought springtime would come in Buffalo! Of course, though, two days later, the temperatures dipped to just below 30 … Continue reading FIVE FOR FRIDAY: The First Day of Spring?! Outer Harbor!

TIPS ON TUESDAY: Posing Models

It's a simple method. More often than not, with new models, I get asked "Oh, what kinds of poses should I do?" "What do I do with my hands?" "Does this look good?" "Should I do this?" Here's what I tell people. Literally everyone. "Natural movements go a long way." I'm sure if you took … Continue reading TIPS ON TUESDAY: Posing Models

Kay Bahd Kaila

It started with a Bahd tag. No, I didn't spell that wrong. It's called Bahd. Kay Bahd. It's a clothing company; I'll link their story here and at the end of the blog! Long story short, Kay Bahd is a Canadian apparel company out of Ontario and one of my best friends, Kaila, entered their giveaway … Continue reading Kay Bahd Kaila