Taking My Shelby GT to Logan Canyon


Ahh, what a lovely day for driving a Shelby in Logan Canyon.

It seriously was a beautiful day for a canyon drive up Logan Canyon and well, I hadn’t ever taken her out for a ride up the canyon, so why not go for it sometime! I think she loved getting out and about, out of the boring “every day” sort of life.

Yeah, Shelby’s a person, not a car…I’m so sorry for anyone I misled but hey, if you’ve read this far, you might as well stay for the middle and ending part?? I would. Anyways, I stole my girlfriend’s friend for a couple hours and we went shooting in Logan Canyon, which was covered in snow! Utah in the winter is seriously very beautiful! It’s my first winter here, so I may over-dramatize some of these details but like, c’mon, the mountains!? Covered in snow? And they’re just RIGHT THERE for the taking? That is so cool. Cue more pictures……now!

It was quite a fun day, honestly. If you find yourself going through Logan and haven’t taken a drive through the canyon, I highly recommend it! It’s a very scenic drive, especially in the winter time! I got a glimpse of it over the summer when I headed to Bear Lake with Mercedes in August, and now, the beauty is on full display.

From here, we trucked up the canyon a little bit more until we found perhaps my favorite spot. I think I love long mountain roads, and this is a perfect example of it. The way roads snake through the mountains and disappear being the rocky outcrops, hiding more beauty behind them…there’s nothing quite like the drive through a canyon in the mountains.

Finally we reached a pretty wide open spot of the canyon. Here’s my favorite part of all – the deep, deep background and lots of scale. I live for this stuff, and it’s been hard to come by in places like Boston and Buffalo. Not so much in Utah – the mountains are about 20 minutes from where I live! Scale is easy to come by and boy, is it ever stunning.

This was my first shoot in a very long time and it was lovely to get back into it. First winter shoot of December and first winter shoot in Utah! I’ll be getting back more into shooting in January and the months to come, but the sun sets at 5pm now – such a bummer!!

I’ll see you in the next one!

Parting shot:

Longing looks.

Next blog: It had actually been two months since we’d shot…and we didn’t skip a beat!

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