Teaching Photography: A Passion

I find this very fun to do. I love sharing my experience and skills with other people who have such a strong passion for photography. I actually have taught quite a few people over the past four years tips and tricks about photography. I've done it over the phone and in person, but nothing quite … Continue reading Teaching Photography: A Passion

A Beautiful Thing

Honesty. Loyalty. Compassion. Loving. Thoughtful. Supportive. All of these are beautiful things. Rather, all of these qualities have potential. They have potential to be used in the most beautiful ways. Photoag friends are the best friends. I don't know why really, but I've been thinking a lot about friends lately. It's been such an odd … Continue reading A Beautiful Thing

8 Hours in Idaho: A Short Idaho Roadtrip

Bear Lake didn't really work out...so...why not go to Idaho...? Yeah, that's kinda what we did...actually, that is what we did! Mercedes and I wanted to go to Bear Lake for the day, which spans the border of northeastern Utah and southeastern Idaho. We drove through the canyon to reach the lake and upon reaching … Continue reading 8 Hours in Idaho: A Short Idaho Roadtrip

Taking My Shelby GT to Logan Canyon

  Ahh, what a lovely day for driving a Shelby in Logan Canyon. It seriously was a beautiful day for a canyon drive up Logan Canyon and well, I hadn't ever taken her out for a ride up the canyon, so why not go for it sometime! I think she loved getting out and about, … Continue reading Taking My Shelby GT to Logan Canyon

Makin’ Banana Pancakes…Waffles…

Banana waffles. We made banana waffles and they were so good. This is going to be a short, little blog but it'll be a fun one! Something I don't do often is food photography! I've done plenty of coffee photography because...well, I went to lots of coffee shops in Buffalo, but I haven't been to … Continue reading Makin’ Banana Pancakes…Waffles…