It’s Already May!?

I can’t believe it’s already May.

2020 has flown by and I can’t believe we’re already in the month of May. The year is practically over at this point, and some of us have spent the better part of 2 months in quarantine! Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because obviously, this virus is pretty serious stuff, but I’m looking back at my 2019 blog and I mentioned near the end:

“What gives me hope is that there will be more adventure, more photoshoots, more friends to meet (and photograph!) and more top photos! I have standards to reach and surpass – simple as that. There’s my 2020 goal in a nutshell. Photograph more, explore more, take better shots, and keep improving with each consecutive month.”

Yeah, that happened, didn’t it? We’ve been locked inside so long we don’t even remember the outside! I’m still hopeful for 2020. I’m hopeful that I will get out and about, discover more places, find more adventure, meet more friends, have amazing times with existing friends and create more of my favorite photos.

I haven’t been shooting as much this year for obvious reasons – recovering from a broken knee and a global pandemic will do that to you! But, in the midst of all of this, I am still able to get out and take photos, even if they’re not portraits like I’m used to doing. I’m doing a lot more landscape photos, of course, and finding joy in them.

Also, since the Earth seems to be still, I’m taking a lot more video on my tripod. There’s nothing like the glow of the night sky or the mellow sound of crashing waves by a lake or river or the crackle of a fire on a lake shore. I haven’t done anything with these clips that seemed to have been taken ages ago; in another lifetime, almost.

I think it’s given me some time to reset.  I didn’t necessarily need the time to reset, but I got it anyways. Kinda like how you get a car and it comes with Bluetooth and 8 cup holders – I didn’t need it, but I got it. It’s been nice to take life at a slower pace and really appreciate the times where we weren’t on lockdown. I know I’m excited for life as we knew it to return, and I’m really hoping this doesn’t turn into one of those movies or video games where the world goes crazy and never returns to normal…looking at you World War Z and The Last Of Us…

But, in the meantime, get ready for a lot of landscape photos…this is one of the last portrait sessions I’ve done, and I don’t see myself doing many in the future weeks! But hey, I think this one turned out alright, yeah?

See ya next time,

~ Justin

Parting shot:


Next blog: I did a FaceTime photoshoot with a good friend, but I’ve also done some sweet landscapes..any preference? Oh, and we have so many recipes, too! Hmmm, cookies sound good right about now…

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