Take a Little Drive

Quarantine has definitely been a bit rough.

It’s hard to stay home and not shoot, hang out with friends, and do the usual things we are accustomed to every single day. That’s why I’m happy I live in Utah. When I get antsy, I can go for a little drive through the canyons, or anywhere to be honest. It’s nice to be able to get out for a walk or stroll around the neighborhood. Being cooped up isn’t fun – especially for me.

That’s perhaps why getting out to drive is so important to me lately! People have been charging up the canyons a bit more frequent than usual, and it’s understandable. In a city that’s pretty heavy on the outdoor recreational activities, closing down ski resorts in the middle of the season is a heavy hitter. I unfortunately never got the chance to snowboard this winter because of an injury – and then, when I was finally able to start going, quarantine season began.

We found a herd of deer!

So, what to do then? You can follow around a herd of deer for like 50 minutes if you want. True story. Actually did that. There’s visual proof above! It was actually very fun chasing around a herd of deer for the better part of an hour. We saw deer hop a fence, eat some grace, play follow the leader, hop another fence and gather to this field above. Finally, they hopped another fence and disappeared as a family on horseback crossed the road. I wish I got pictures of the whole scene, but you’ll have to use your imagination on this one folks.

Golden hour beauty.

The point is, we don’t need to be cooped up inside. Get out!

The canyons are always there.

And the mountains are always beckoning.

And it’s always nice when you’ve got a buddy.

Especially a deer-watching buddy.

Vacay style.

See ya soon!

Parting shot:

Golden hour in the waning daylight.

Next blog: Got any ideas?

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