8 Hours in Idaho: A Short Idaho Roadtrip

Bear Lake didn’t really work out…so…why not go to Idaho…?

Yeah, that’s kinda what we did…actually, that is what we did! Mercedes and I wanted to go to Bear Lake for the day, which spans the border of northeastern Utah and southeastern Idaho. We drove through the canyon to reach the lake and upon reaching the top, where you could normally see the lake…well…it was covered in a huge cloud layer!

For comparison, these photos were taken in almost the exact same spot. Yeah, you should probably see the lake from where we were standing but no…the entire lake was covered in such a thick fog! It was actually really beautiful to see and quite spectacular! I was hoping to see the lake in all its unfrozen glory, but this was a pretty cool site to see. Of course, we kinda needed something to do with out day…we had planned to recreate our Bear Lake day trip from August, so maybe the fog would lift and it would be good…

We tried to take some photos using my tripod to remember the day by and…well…here’s what we got…

So, after driving around the lake for a bit and seeing if the weather would clear up, getting my little Honda Civic stuck in the snow and being graciously helped out by an older couple in a large pickup truck (thank you, I think Mercedes and I would still be in Bear Lake if it wasn’t for them), we decided we didn’t want to go home, but instead see if we could find some adventure. So, we decided to drive into Idaho, to Lava Hot Springs…for literally…no reason whatsoever.Β 

So yeah, we did a driving road trip in Idaho.Β 

It was actually pretty sick!

I didn’t really take a lot of pictures – I probably should have, but we took a lot more video than pictures! I was also driving for the entirety of the road trip, so I wasn’t able to stick my camera out the window and grab photos. Oh well! We’ll just have to do it again sometime.

We got to Lava Hot Springs and man, I think I expected a lot more. Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park, with all the naturally forming geysers and hot springs? Yeah, so I thought it would be like that but nope, it was basically a small resort with lots of people crowded into the pools. Not exactly our picture of a good time, but no matter – we ate our packed lunch at a nearby picnic table (it was relatively warm outside) and toured the small town for a little bit. It’s literally one street, so it was pretty easy to get through!

I didn’t take any pictures of the town and I wish I had – it was so small and quaint! It reminded me of a small New England Town, but I wonder if this was maybe a mining town back in the day…

Cute town for sure!

We continued on our way through Idaho, but by this point, we were heading back to Logan. We stopped more on the way back than our way through Idaho because we wanted the trip to last longer! We weren’t really seeing anything in particular, but we wanted to get out and stretch our legs, and see some of this beautiful state!

We tried to take another couple of photos and well…we sorta got a decent one??

We continued on home, taking more videos than photos, so unfortunately, we have a lack of photos for this blog. Sorry! I haven’t been doing too much photography in 2020, if I’m being completely honest. I’m getting back into the swing of things, so hopefully I’ll continue with more of a rhythm to these blogs now that I’m not sidelined with an injury anymore.

That’s all folks, I’ll be writing soon!

Parting shot:

Downey?, Like, Robert Downey, Jr.?

Next blog: I’ve been shooting some video…maybe I’ll be nice and share some of it???

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