Postcard: Sorry, I’ve Been Away For A While

Buenos Dias!I've been away for a little bit. It's been snowing nonstop here in Utah since December and the powder has been incredible! It's been hard to dedicate time to my blog and all my stories from last summer because I've been so busy creating new stories and new memories. I've been skiing with friends, … Continue reading Postcard: Sorry, I’ve Been Away For A While

Hiking Gloria Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

This hike is fun in early spring. With snowmelt crashing down into the many streams and main river, there's plenty of white noise to block out any road sounds.

Hiking Adam’s Canyon (and Waterfall!) Trail

This trail is super gorgeous! The 3.8-mile trail rises out from the foothills into a decently thick forest with lots of shade. You'll be walking next to a small stream for most of the ascent and descent.

Skiing Through Trees, Cliffs And Bowls At Alta Resort

Skiing Alta is excellent. Skiing powder at Alta is more excellent. Skiing powder at Alta with a bunch of rad friends is most excellent. Read along, share in the stoke and look at cool pics!

First Powder Day of the Season at Brighton Resort, Utah

There's some snow in Utah! Actually, quite a bit of snow! While the valley still looks like fall for the most part, driving 30 to 40 minutes up the canyon will get you into an early winter.