A Day at Dimple Dell

Dimple Dell. Oh, where would I be without Dimple Dell?

It’s a pretty park. Horse trails and walking trails. Lots of brush and acreage. It’s a pretty massive park located in Sandy, Utah, and relatively close to where I live. It’s also a pretty neat location for photography and I’ve gone there multiple times to shoot. You probably remember my most recent visit with a little picnic at the top of a small hill. Now, the park is covered in snow and looks beautiful. I suggested it to Hannah as a location, so we headed there!

Hannah and I hadn’t shot in nearly two months, so we didn’t take a ton of photos (meaning a short blog!), but we spent the majority of the time catching up on the last two months! This happens with my good friends – a lot of times, I would much rather chat up a storm than shoot, especially if it’s been a minute since I’ve hung out with that person – and Hannah and I are soooo guilty of doing this constantly.

Back to the shoot – Hannah and I had some lovely ideas that were, unfortunately, rather poorly executed. We weren’t really in the right location for either of these types of photos, but we quickly discovered the types of areas where these photos could really thrive. I think I’ll want to show them off in a later blog when we do those photos for real, but, for now, we’ll stick the the simple captures..

I have a lot planned for the coming year – I’m going to get out and see more of Utah, and hopefully keep shooting very regularly! My idea is to shoot once or twice a week and hopefully write once or twice a week – I won’t have college in the way for the first half of the year, so I’ll be able to focus on more things like maintaining my blog and website! I’m super psyched for that.

Well, that’s all for now! My biggest blog of the year is coming up, and there’s a lotttt to talk about. So much has happened! I’ll need some time to write about it, but I bet there’s a few of you that might be able to guess it…but for now…have a spectacularly merry Christmas! And have a lovely time with your family!


~ Justin

Parting shot:

Next blog: One last visit with friends in Massachusetts.

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