A Sip Among the Mountains

If only we had brought candles for this…

Mercedes and I decided to take a little trip to Dimple Dell Park for a little walk and photoshoot (but we’ll do the photoshoot photos in a different blog!). So, we’ll start this journey halfway through. I’ve been wanting to get a very particular shot of the mountains but I haven’t been able to find the spot. Then I thought of Dimple Dell and figured it would be a pretty good spot to try and capture the photo. Mercedes had been lugging around this heavy item for the entire time we were walking around the park and we (well, me) decided to go up this little hill to see if I could get a better shot of the mountain.

The shot didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, at all, and I think I actually deleted it, which I never do. Kinda sad about it, but oh well. Mercedes and I finally had reached the top and she had brought some snacks and…

…sparkling apple cider!She lugged this thing for about an hour and a half or so. Like, seriously what an actual champion. This was well deserved, and it came with a glorious view of the sunset!

We honestly just sat there for an hour or so and drank this thing to the bottom! It was really fun to sit up there and converse for that amount of time, out in the open, with no one around. Everything slowed down for a little, and I remember it being a very good evening spent with a quality person. It doesn’t get more peaceful than that! Except maybe if there were blankets and a fireplace…

Perhaps we stayed a little but later than we should have, but I think we both thoroughly enjoyed our evening up on the little hilltop. The sun was setting and it was seriously incredibly beautiful. I didn’t capture it because I wanted to take in the moment, but I did take the ‘parting shot’ at the end of this story, and it’s probably prettier than anything else I could’ve taken that day.

That’s all for now! Hopefully we get some new content on the way soon! I took a little break from shooting and now we have snow on the ground, so stay tuned for some epic mountain shoots!


~ Justin

Parting shot:

Silhouette sunset in Sandy.

Next blog: Hopefully something snowy…maybe not? We’ll see 🙂

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