Sunrise in Buffalo

This started off a jam-packed day by the Niagara River. I bought a camera. My first camera. A new camera. I've been lucky enough to use my school's camera's for every single shoot I've ever blogged about, but it was finally time for me to buy my own. It was a beautiful thing. It was … Continue reading Sunrise in Buffalo

Sunrise in Stiglmeier

We're dumb. I had the great idea to do a sunrise shoot with Tom. All we needed was someone stupid enough to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise. I'd met Kaila once and figured she would be up for something like that, so I asked her. Jokingly, I said we'd have to be … Continue reading Sunrise in Stiglmeier

48 Hours in Byron

What a weekend. After a three hour bus trip from the Sunshine Coast to beautiful Byron Bay, I settled into the hostel that had become my home for the next two nights. I roomed with complete strangers who ended up turning into friends literally overnight. I won't describe the weekend too much but rather touch … Continue reading 48 Hours in Byron

Sunrise and Jetlag in Mooloolaba 

How about getting up at 6 am the day after 24 hours of flying? Worth it. Not only was the sunrise absolutely beautiful - we were all wide awake and ready for the day. After Ubering to Mooloolaba, we watched the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean...from Australia! This marked the fourth country and third … Continue reading Sunrise and Jetlag in Mooloolaba 


30 second shutter. F/22. ISO 100. It was cloudy this morning. It wasn't as spectacular as I had imagined it would be but it was certainly worth getting up. I sat up there for a good half hour, listening to the sounds of the city. Construction workers drilling. Cars honking in the street. Lights turned … Continue reading Sunrise