Always Ready for Coffee

I mean, that's pretty standard by now, isn't it? See, this was a different shoot than usual...Samantha and I didn't do any actual shooting because the temperature was in the teens and the wind was blowing hard. And we were right on the water. Not exactly the best shooting conditions, huh? It wasn't a huge problem … Continue reading Always Ready for Coffee

FIVE FOR FRIDAY: Quick Trip to Canada

I got out of the country in 2019! Yay! Finally! I mean, it's just Canada, and it was only to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. I'd never been to the Canadian side, and even though I've been in Buffalo going on four years, this is my second trip to the Falls and first … Continue reading FIVE FOR FRIDAY: Quick Trip to Canada

Sunrise in Buffalo

This started off a jam-packed day by the Niagara River. I bought a camera. My first camera. A new camera. I've been lucky enough to use my school's camera's for every single shoot I've ever blogged about, but it was finally time for me to buy my own. It was a beautiful thing. It was … Continue reading Sunrise in Buffalo