Sunrise in Buffalo

This started off a jam-packed day by the Niagara River.

I bought a camera.

My first camera.

A new camera.

I’ve been lucky enough to use my school’s camera’s for every single shoot I’ve ever blogged about, but it was finally time for me to buy my own. It was a beautiful thing. It was scheduled to arrive on the 20th of February but came a day early! I started scheduling shoots before it arrived and had a busy Saturday planned. See, most people would’ve taken the camera out and shot immediately. Not the case with me! I decided to wait.

I waited for Gianna.

And we took the first shots together.


Just like that, this first picture, I closed the shutter for the first time. No practice takes in my room, no lighting tests. I had only turned my camera on three times prior to this entire shoot; once to set my settings, and twice when I video chatted a friend about camera settings. G will tell you I made a big deal about it – I switched from my 70-200mm to my 50mm because I wanted the shot to be perfect. I lined it up, held my breath, and pressed the shutter. Bam. First shot taken. It only took off from here.


We both decided to do a sunrise shoot – ya know, get up super early, find a pretty spot and hope for the best. It wasn’t what I envisioned it would be, but honestly, I don’t think there could’ve been a better start to the day. I chucked on my 70-200mm lens and had an absolute field day down by the Niagara River. G was perfect, aside from not bringing her camera. I could’ve sworn I told her to bring it but from now on, she’s bringing it on every shoot!


We started at West Side Rowing club – there’s a fantastic view of the Peace Bridge, and the Niagara River it goes over, separating the United States from Canada. It’s quite the view and offers a spectacular backdrop for photos. Messing around with my new camera was more than fun. I felt a different sense of creativity because I was finally using my camera. I can’t explain it because it’s no different than cameras I’ve used in the past, but it was finally mine.


For the entirety of the shoot we stayed around the Niagara River. I love the depth I can capture here. I’ve shot in many different places along the river and need to find more spots in the coming months. I also need to take a trip to Canada at some point, even if it’s just a short day trip! I’ve been here nearly four years and have never once set foot across the border (save for when I flew through Vancouver and then Vancouver again before stopping briefly in Toronto to and from Australia). So, who wants to take me there?!


We have more ideas in store for the two of us, and I honestly can’t wait to shoot some of them! I won’t reveal them because that ruins the fun of it all, but they’re fun ideas. Stay tuned in the future. 🙂


Come along, now.

Parting shot:

Entering a new phase.

Next blog: The icy abandoned building with a favorite face.

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