Sunrise and Jetlag in Mooloolaba 

How about getting up at 6 am the day after 24 hours of flying?

Worth it. Not only was the sunrise absolutely beautiful – we were all wide awake and ready for the day. After Ubering to Mooloolaba, we watched the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean…from Australia! This marked the fourth country and third continent I had visited within the last two months.

We got a delicious breakfast at an amazing restaurant – I had a waffle topped with bacon, bananas, and maple syrup. It was perhaps the best waffle I’d ever had! The strawberry smoothie capped breakfast off with a sweet flavor.

After walking back on on a nice scenic route through a park, we traversed through the beach town, poking in and out of the little shops. We took a bus to Maroochydore to stop at a shopping Plaza before finding our way back to the beach for a couple of hours. The eventual motto for the day? It’s kinda cliché…but…

Carpe diem!

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