Corona del Mar, California

Ah, to be in California again. I traveled to California for the week of Thanksgiving and got to explore some areas by myself with my camera. I've never really gotten the opportunity to go where I wanted to with this much freedom. Sure, in 2018 I could go where I wanted when I had an … Continue reading Corona del Mar, California

Lost Phone. Ferry Fires. Hostage Carrot.

Surname issues. Spilled ketchup. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Let me explain. The day started at 4 am. I double checked my bags and waited for the others to wake up. I'm nervous because everything needs to fall into place perfectly today. It's already a stressful day. My roommate Josie … Continue reading Lost Phone. Ferry Fires. Hostage Carrot.

Sunrise and Jetlag in Mooloolaba 

How about getting up at 6 am the day after 24 hours of flying? Worth it. Not only was the sunrise absolutely beautiful - we were all wide awake and ready for the day. After Ubering to Mooloolaba, we watched the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean...from Australia! This marked the fourth country and third … Continue reading Sunrise and Jetlag in Mooloolaba