She’s Back!

And we're both sad we're not in Australia anymore. It's hard, coming back from studying abroad and integrating yourself back into the real world. Gone are the beautiful beaches, the scenic walk to class, and the kangaroos hopping around campus. Gone is the symphony of birds greeting you good morning at 5 am. Now, it's … Continue reading She’s Back!

Sunset at Point Cartwright

"Wanna go somewhere?" "Where?" Josie would say. "I dunno, let's just drive and figure it out." I'd say. "Okay," she'd reply with a giddy smile on her face. Grab the keys. Get a jumper. Lock the doors. Down the stairs. Into the car. Out the gate. "Oh noo, I forgot my camera!" I'd always say. … Continue reading Sunset at Point Cartwright

Sunshine Coast Hinterland

It's been a minute since I've done a portrait shoot. Alyssa rang me up asking about a shoot, so of course I gave an enthusiastic yes! I consider myself a portrait photographer at heart, so it took me back to my roots. All I wanted was a nice, big hat - and I got it! … Continue reading Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Chainsmokers in Brisbane

First concert was definitely a good one. I saw the event listed on Facebook and told my best friend Josie about it and within 10 minutes we decided to go. Pretty quick for two people who want to save money, hey? Needless to say, the concert was pretty darn amazing. We stayed the night in … Continue reading Chainsmokers in Brisbane

Long Days and Failed Sunsets

This sums up the day remarkably well. After eating potentially the best ham sandwiches I've ever made, Alyssa and I went out for a little mini shoot, not knowing where the day would take us. I wouldn't have guessed it would last for over 10 hours, but then again, the Titanic was said to be unsinkable. … Continue reading Long Days and Failed Sunsets