Sunrise in Stiglmeier

We’re dumb.

I had the great idea to do a sunrise shoot with Tom. All we needed was someone stupid enough to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise. I’d met Kaila once and figured she would be up for something like that, so I asked her. Jokingly, I said we’d have to be up at 4 am; she said she was down with that. None of us realized that sunrise in Buffalo doesn’t occur until 7:12 am.


Long story short, we all woke up at roughly 3 am, realized it was pitch black outside, went back to bed, got together at 5:45, made a side trip to Tim Horton’s, stopped in at Tom’s house, and finally went to Stiglmeier Park.

It was rather cold, but that didn’t stop us from creating. Nor did a thorny branch that hit Kaila dead on the nose (my fault) before we started shooting! The morning glow gave Tom and I some drastic lighting to work with despite the cold temperatures. Snapping pictures and film with cold fingers, however, is not fun!

Be prepared…

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