Shredding The Gnar at Snowbird Resort, Utah

I left the last blog I wrote on November 28th with the quote "Is it time for skiing yet??" and it apparently was, given my absence from this blog.

First Powder Day of the Season at Brighton Resort, Utah

There's some snow in Utah! Actually, quite a bit of snow! While the valley still looks like fall for the most part, driving 30 to 40 minutes up the canyon will get you into an early winter.

Snowboarding Brighton Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Wow, wow, wow!! Brighton sure is a beauty, and I've gotten to experience it to nearly the fullest with the Spring Pass this year. I didn't buy a full season pass anywhere this year, and perhaps that was for the best. I've gotten to ride at Beaver Mountain up in Logan, Utah, tear down some angelic runs at Heavenly Mountain, and then finish it off with over seven days at Brighton this year. It's certainly been quite the season for me this year!

Snowboarding at Heavenly Mountain, Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada

Snowboarding at Heavenly Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe, California! Well, I must say, snowboarding at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe is, well, pretty heavenly on a good snow day! The first day was less than optimal, unfortunately, but that's early March for you. January and February seem to be the best days to go! However, we … Continue reading Snowboarding at Heavenly Mountain, Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada