First Powder Day of the Season at Brighton Resort, Utah

There’s some snow in Utah! Actually, quite a bit of snow! While the valley still looks like fall for the most part, driving 30 to 40 minutes up the canyon will get you into an early winter. And, with a few storms that dropped nearly 2 feet of snow, some of the ski resorts have fired up their snow cannons to really kickstart winter. It’s a great time to go for a winter hike and cruise down the light, fluffy snow Utah is famed for. It seriously is the greatest snow on earth!

Beautiful bluebird day in Utah!

I hiked up only a half-day after the last snow fell, and there were already tracks galore. I decided to go up further from the park rats to see if I could find some untracked powder, and luckily I found some near the top of the Majestic Lift. After taking in the sights, and getting some down time after that long hike up, I strapped up and took some turns on the new board from Cardiff Snowcraft. It was unreal! I was wondering if there were going to be exposed rocks, trees, and stumps that I would need to traverse, but no such obstacles seemed to exist.

The glow of the sun on the mountains and trees was just spectacular. I wish I brought my camera!

From there, I stopped mid-mountain, and decided to hike up to Snake, one of my favorite lifts for front-country and backcountry terrain. The views were epic, as always. Timpanogos looked spectacular, and appeared to be in full winter glory! From there, I found even better snow, and untracked snow for that matter. It was glorious! And, I had the whole run to myself, which was a pretty awesome feeling. Imagine making powder turns in October – what a dream!

Hopefully, we continue to get more snow (and the next week looks promising!), and the season can start super soon. I forgot how much I missed snowboarding, and today helped me realized how stoked I am for winter!

Bring it on!

Parting shot:

About to begin the run from the top. It was a good one!

Next blog: Took a quick break from Colorado. We’ll be right back! Or we could do a snowy ascent in Utah.

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