Postcard: Sorry, I’ve Been Away For A While

Buenos Dias!I've been away for a little bit. It's been snowing nonstop here in Utah since December and the powder has been incredible! It's been hard to dedicate time to my blog and all my stories from last summer because I've been so busy creating new stories and new memories. I've been skiing with friends, … Continue reading Postcard: Sorry, I’ve Been Away For A While

Snowboarding Brighton Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Wow, wow, wow!! Brighton sure is a beauty, and I've gotten to experience it to nearly the fullest with the Spring Pass this year. I didn't buy a full season pass anywhere this year, and perhaps that was for the best. I've gotten to ride at Beaver Mountain up in Logan, Utah, tear down some angelic runs at Heavenly Mountain, and then finish it off with over seven days at Brighton this year. It's certainly been quite the season for me this year!