Snowboarding Brighton Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

One of the many spectacular views Brighton sports.


Wow, wow, wow!! Brighton sure is a beauty, and I’ve gotten to experience it to nearly the fullest with the Spring Pass this year. I didn’t buy a full season pass anywhere this year, and perhaps that was for the best. I’ve gotten to ride at Beaver Mountain up in Logan, Utah, tear down some angelic runs at Heavenly Mountain, and then finish it off with over seven days at Brighton this year. It’s certainly been quite the season for me this year!

Up the chair….it sure is pretty!!

I’ve been fortunate enough to go with some good friends and my brother and his wife this year – I couldn’t ask for much more than that! With four days riding with friends and family, and a few solo days, it’s been a wild ride from start to finish. You know I’ll be buying a pass as soon as I can! The snow in Utah has been way too good this season – and I’m sure it’ll be even better next season, now that I have this past year as practice.

Abby can truly send it! Tired eyes on both of us.

Well, I’ll let pictures tell the rest of the story. It’s been a great year – and maybe we’ll get a few more days in – we got 16 inches between April 13th and 15th – how good is that!?

Views cannot be beat here!
Abby leading the way!
Just a beautiful, gorgeous view from the top of Snake Express.

That’s all for now…until the season is done!

Parting shot:

“Can you stop taking pictures and get going?” – Abby (probably)

Next blog: Is it spring yet? It’s hard to tell!!

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