Shredding The Gnar at Snowbird Resort, Utah

It’s nice to be back on the snow. Sorry for the absence!

I left the last blog I wrote on November 28th with the quote “Is it time for skiing yet??” and it apparently was, given my absence from this blog. I apologize for that, but hey, I’ve been a busy man lately. Waking up early, clocking in early for work, and snowboarding or skiing 3-5 times a week is no easy feat. It’s left me pretty tired at the end of the day, and as a result, with no energy for writing a blog. And, on top of that, I haven’t been taking as many pictures because, well, I’ve been shredding!

Snowy mountain beauty. I love it!

Well, that has changed a bit recently. I don’t often take my camera out skiing, and when I do, I usually don’t take too many shots. It’s a bit nerve-wracking carrying my camera around while I ski, and the hassle of unclicking my skis or snowboard, taking my pack off, getting my camera out of my bag, removing my goggles and my helmet to take the photo….you get the picture, right? It’s just exhausting! However, when I do all of these things…the results are spectacular.

Kate taking off…
Air time!

So, recently, I took a little trip to Snowbird with my good friend Kate, who’s from out of town, and all of her out-of-town friends! We took a long traverse to find some powder, and wow, did we get some glorious turns in. Her friends are pretty elite skiers, and I was so stoked to be able to capture some of their insane antics! They’re all just really good skiers. That’s it!

Jack with a good side hit.
Riding some deep snow in Utah. Nothing like it!

For these skiers, it was worth it to do the insane traverses and going to the places they wanted to ski. The photos are well worth the exhausting hikes! I’ll let some of these photos tell the rest of the story.

Corin watches as Meg get’s after it!
About to sink into the snow….
Meg can absolutely shred!
Corin inverted. Did I mention they were really good skiers?
Stoke has reached maximum levels!
Nothing like a group of fired up skiers!

From here, we continued our traverse on this part of the mountain until we found some more amazing conditions. Snowbird has some awesome hidden powder stashes, let me tell you! I was sinking on my skinny sticks – I’ll definitely need something wider! The group was pretty amazed I was able to make it all this way, considering most of them had really fat and long skis!

We dropped into a fun, steep, snowy, and tree-filled section and the vibes were good here. Ready for another round of photos? Here you go!

Meg showing off her sick moves!
When Corin sends it, he sends HARD.
He could be in a kayak and we’d never know it.
Go big!
I had to duck pretty hard to avoid the snow coming at my camera. Worth it though!
Kate beginning her descent.
Turn, ‘n burn!
The powder was flying today!

This marked the end of the photograph portion of the day. Clouds rolled in and out all day long and temperatures remained cold throughout the day. It was just a good day of skiing. You can’t ask for too much more than that, right?

Parting shot:

Corin laying one down for the camera. He’s always down for a rad shot!

Next blog: We head east, but too far east. Only about a couple miles or so!

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