Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail Near Lake Mead, Nevada

Do this trail early in the summer if you're going to do it at all - it gets HOT in Nevada! My friend Karla and I decided to do this trail, starting just after 6am. That was a good call since the overnight low the previous night was a blistering 90 degrees. Not exactly a … Continue reading Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail Near Lake Mead, Nevada

Hiking Gloria Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

This hike is fun in early spring. With snowmelt crashing down into the many streams and main river, there's plenty of white noise to block out any road sounds.

Hiking Adam’s Canyon (and Waterfall!) Trail

This trail is super gorgeous! The 3.8-mile trail rises out from the foothills into a decently thick forest with lots of shade. You'll be walking next to a small stream for most of the ascent and descent.

Spending the Weekend in Jackson & Grand Teton National Park

I had planned to stay somewhere in Idaho with the intention of paddle boarding all weekend at Blackfoot Reservoir, and perhaps going to the nearby junction of Alpine, Wyoming, for dinner. As it turned out, the weather took us for a turn...which lead to us driving further north to the mountain town of Jackson and Grand Teton National Park!

Hiking Mount Bierstadt in the Mount Evans Wilderness, Colorado

One of the best hikes of the year, Mount Bierstadt is pretty imposing, and also a relatively popular hike. I assume it's potentially a little easier without snow, but, a rather large late September storm blew threw and dumped between 6 inches and 18 inches of snow from the base to the summit.