Snowboarding at Heavenly Mountain, Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada

Snowboarding at Heavenly Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe, California!

Well, I must say, snowboarding at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe is, well, pretty heavenly on a good snow day! The first day was less than optimal, unfortunately, but that’s early March for you. January and February seem to be the best days to go! However, we were blessed by some lovely snow overnight, giving us a total of perhaps four to six new inches of fresh powder to play in! That second day was simply wonderful, and that was the true experience I was looking for at Heavenly.

Some of the best skiing and riding is on the Nevada side!

My sister and I made plans to meet up in Lake Tahoe, stay for a couple nights there for two full days of skiing and snowboarding, and then part ways. It was a pretty short trip, but was more than a year and a half in the making. I had figured we would make time for a ski trip at some point, and it happened in 2021!

At a beautiful overlook of Lake Tahoe!

We also met up with our cousin on the first day and ripped through some awesome groomers and incredible views. Let me tell you, Heavenly has some of the best views I have ever seen at a ski resort! We were blessed with bluebird days both days, although all of these pictures were from the first day. Apparently, according to my sister, it is pretty uncommon to see the lake! I am realizing, though, that the best days to ski and snowboard are the days where it’s snowing, so obviously the lake won’t be visible!

You can see all the way to the Nevada desert – how cool is that?!

Heavenly also has a pretty unique viewpoint on the Nevada side of the mountain, and yes, you heard that correct: this mountain is so massive that it spans two states! Check out this photo below – you’re able to see the gorgeous blue of Lake Tahoe and the reddish orange desert of Nevada. How cool is that!

From the lake to the desert…Heavenly is just gorgeous!

The second day actually got off to a funny start – my sister lost her ski for over half an hour! I ended up finding it, and, long story short, after being completely lost on where to look in the deep powder, I slid down on my butt to get stood up, and ended up sitting right on her ski! We rejoiced and continued on skiing for the rest of the day without incident. How funny is that!

A happy sister in her element!

All in all, Heavenly is certainly a wonderful place to be, and it was a great place to go for my first time in California! I’m hoping to get out there again next year, and maybe go to Squaw Valley if able! Who knows. Hopefully I can, and get to experience a powder day at the greatest lift in America.


Parting shot:

I obviously went down this (I actually didn’t but you’ll never know!)

Next blog: Let’s warm it up for a tad and get ready for spring and summer!

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