Teaching Photography: A Passion

I find this very fun to do.

I love sharing my experience and skills with other people who have such a strong passion for photography. I actually have taught quite a few people over the past four years tips and tricks about photography. I’ve done it over the phone and in person, but nothing quite compares to the in person experience.

Learn. Shoot. Repeat.

See, there’s something cool about being able to step out with someone and go over simple aspects like settings and poses. It’s much harder to communicate those same topics over video calls and voice calls. I can get my message across, but it’s nice to be able to watch what the other person is doing.

Learning to shoot, and shooting to learn.

It’s one of those things that I never really thought about doing that much. It kind of comes naturally to me, but perhaps that’s what teaching is to people. After all, when I was in high school, I coached my younger brother’s hockey team.

Happiest outside in the fall.

So, perhaps teaching has always been an aspect of my life, but I didn’t really figure it out until much later.

In Utah, it’s become even easier than it was when I was in college. I have so many canyons sitting so close to me, to use at my disposal. It’s so incredible easy to find a location to teach at and take gorgeous photos.

The colors and lighting on this day were seriously spot on…

And honestly, one of my favorite parts about photography is teaching, I think. Usually it came in when I working with a model and I need to tell her how to pose. It makes me think a lot more about the pose and the framing, since everyone will hear my direction and do it ever so slightly different.

I think this is something I will continue to do for a long time. There’s honestly nothing like seeing someone else excited over a shot they get, or someone I taught months or even years ago telling me they remembered that one tip I recommended that one time.

I dunno. It’s just fun.

~ Justin

Parting shot:

Up close.

Next blog: Will we ever get back on track to hiking and camping blogs? Yes, yes we will. Eventually.

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