A Beautiful Thing

Honesty. Loyalty. Compassion. Loving. Thoughtful. Supportive.

All of these are beautiful things. Rather, all of these qualities have potential. They have potential to be used in the most beautiful ways.

Photoag friends are the best friends.

I don’t know why really, but I’ve been thinking a lot about friends lately. It’s been such an odd year, hasn’t it? I mean, I can’t really remember the last time I got together with a group of my friends, let alone a group of my friends this year. It just hasn’t happened.

But that’s okay. They’re there. They’re always there when you need them. Just, this year, there’s a little bit of disconnect.

I’ve talked to so many friends this year on phone calls or video calls more than I’ve seen them in person, I think. I’m not going to do a hard count, but it would appear to be right. So, yeah, this year is a little bit different than the rest.

Hiking buddies.

Everyone is kinda doing their own thing this year, whether that’s focusing on their goals, focusing on family, or striving to get their to-do list done. I know I wish I blogged more this year. I didn’t really have a lot of shoots this year, and I transferred to being more of a landscape photographer anyways, which has been a fun exploration time. I do still enjoy portraits.

Laughing out loud.

But, I figured that since my life was more together this year, I would have more time for blogging. Or, rather, set aside more time for blogging. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. But, what did happen was my friendships strengthened. I got to talk to lots of people over the phone that I wouldn’t usually talk to in a day.

Round and round!

It’s been fun. Connecting with new friends, or reconnecting with older friends is a beautiful thing.

It’s a beautiful thing.

~ Justin

Parting shot:

Next blog: I’ve got a lot on my mind, can you tell?

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