Thanks, G. If you haven't read the last blog, go read it now. Meet G. See how cool she is. Then come back to this one. I'll wait. You see, G inspired me. She posted a few self portraits on her Instagram and I was taken aback by them. The lighting, the poses, the emotion … Continue reading Self

Perks With G

G. Gianna is awesome. She's so sweet. She's a photographer at Buffalo State but also has dabbled in some modeling here and there. She did a self portrait series that I absolutely oogled over because the shots came out excellent and she was the reason I did my self-first portrait shoot! That blog is coming … Continue reading Perks With G

Coffee Shop #4

I've been to a lot of coffee shops this year. Like, a lot of coffee shops. And I've been to more since then. You see, I don't really like shooting indoors. Actually, I'll say it: I don't like shooting indoors. I'm not good at it. But, how do you get better at something? You do … Continue reading Coffee Shop #4

She’s Back!

And we're both sad we're not in Australia anymore. It's hard, coming back from studying abroad and integrating yourself back into the real world. Gone are the beautiful beaches, the scenic walk to class, and the kangaroos hopping around campus. Gone is the symphony of birds greeting you good morning at 5 am. Now, it's … Continue reading She’s Back!

The Best Portrait I’ve Taken

I'm not exaggerating. It's the best. And who else would it be? Kaila. Because of course. It's seriously a beautiful shot. Kaila and I were messing around outside during the snow storm (see The First Storm if you haven't read that one yet! It's awesome!) but after getting cold we retreated to her house. She told me … Continue reading The Best Portrait I’ve Taken