The Best Portrait I’ve Taken

I'm not exaggerating. It's the best. And who else would it be? Kaila. Because of course. It's seriously a beautiful shot. Kaila and I were messing around outside during the snow storm (see The First Storm if you haven't read that one yet! It's awesome!) but after getting cold we retreated to her house. She told me … Continue reading The Best Portrait I’ve Taken

Long Exposure Photography

But let's do portraits with it. I took a photography class this past semester to better my skills and also because I figured it would be an easy A. I am always striving to learn more, to do more and one assignment in particular blew me away. Early in the semester, each of us had … Continue reading Long Exposure Photography

90’s Girl

Taylor Rae is that girl. Yep, full-on 90's vibes for a solid, dunno, five or six hours? 90's outfits, 90's music, two rad people born in the 90's... just, 90's, dude. This was a long one but wow did we create magic. This parking garage seriously became my best friend. There's honestly so many good … Continue reading 90’s Girl

Captain Cade

Cade lives on a boat. Cade's a captain. Captain Cade. Cap'n Cade. Okay I'll stop but that's pretty cool. 22 years old and he's bought a boat! And I'm still in college (one more year, here we go). I met Cade a few shoots back when I did my first shoot with Abby. It was … Continue reading Captain Cade

24 Hours in NYC

Wow, this is a story. After traveling for 11 hours on a flight from Buenos Aires to New York City, I discovered that my early afternoon flight from JFK to Boston was cancelled. I had been up for a good 30 hours so far. Sweet, dude. I initially got it rescheduled for 11:38 p.m. that … Continue reading 24 Hours in NYC