Captain Cade

Cade lives on a boat. Cade’s a captain. Captain Cade. Cap’n Cade.

Okay I’ll stop but that’s pretty cool. 22 years old and he’s bought a boat! And I’m still in college (one more year, here we go). I met Cade a few shoots back when I did my first shoot with Abby. It was kinda funny to me because I had seen him in photos before. he introduced himself and said “I’m Cade” and I was thinking, “Yeah, I know.” Pretty cool to set up a shoot with this dude!


I got to see his boat up close and personal, which was a pretty cool. He bought it with the intent to live on it, fix it up a bit, and sell it for a profit in the next few years. He had begun the process of moving out of his apartment and onto his boat full time, so it was a tad messy (it may be cleaner now, who knows). After the marina, we went back to something I started while in Argentina: roof-topping.


Well, it wasn’t really a rooftop; it was the top of a parking garage, but good enough I suppose! It worked out because Cade blasted music out of his car so we had vibes galore. It was probably the highest structure in Playa Vista and since it was such a clear day, we could see for days. Not a bad location.


El Segundo really is a wonderful little beach town. It doesn’t get much coverage because it’s in the same area as Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Manhattan Beach, but there are so many nooks and crannies located here. They have a super cute downtown area similar to Manhattan Beach but it’s relatively unknown, which makes it way less crowded. A beach town without all the tourism – how neat is that! Surfers flock to Lifeguard tower 45 to catch the short-board break.


Anyways, that’s a wrap.

Fun shoot, fun dude, fun times.

Parting shot:


Next blog: Coca-Cola. Champion. Santa Monica. Golden hour. Be there.

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