Arches National Park Camping Trip

When I picked Utah as a possible destination for post-undergrad living, I pictured all of Utah as the lovely red rock seen in Southern Utah. That is not the case, at all.

Whatchu Meann?

It's kinda her signature phrase. All y'all have seen one night shoot already - for the entire month of November, I wanted to get better at night shooting, so I planned all of them to start past 5 p.m. This was one of those occasions and was quick to become pretty sweet.   See, it's … Continue reading Whatchu Meann?

I live in Canada, eh?

I don't but it got Morgan good. See, my shoots are always full of laughing and in order for me to connect to the person I'm shooting with, we've gotta have fun. I had told Morgan that I go to Canisius College but when she put the address I gave her, it directed her to … Continue reading I live in Canada, eh?

24 Hours in NYC

Wow, this is a story. After traveling for 11 hours on a flight from Buenos Aires to New York City, I discovered that my early afternoon flight from JFK to Boston was cancelled. I had been up for a good 30 hours so far. Sweet, dude. I initially got it rescheduled for 11:38 p.m. that … Continue reading 24 Hours in NYC

Hiking, Flying, and Rooftops

It's an odd combination... But today was action packed. We got up early to do a hike that overlooked the Paraná River and Paraguay. Today I discovered that one of our taxi drivers was from Perth, Australia! We discussed Australia and he was excited for me to go to Brisbane. He told me about all … Continue reading Hiking, Flying, and Rooftops