90’s Girl

Taylor Rae is that girl.

Yep, full-on 90’s vibes for a solid, dunno, five or six hours? 90’s outfits, 90’s music, two rad people born in the 90’s… just, 90’s, dude. This was a long one but wow did we create magic.

This parking garage seriously became my best friend. There’s honestly so many good spots up here as long as creative minds flow! That’s one of the cool things about being a photographer – I get to creative direct. Each shoot I go on, I learn more from each person, so I combine every aspect I learn and apply it to a new shoot.

See, I may never go back to school after May 2019 (I literally cannot wait), but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop learning. Little things like how the light falls on a cloudy day versus a sunny day versus in-the-shade-on-a-semi-cloudy-but-mostly-sunny day! It’s incredible how much knowledge I gain each time.

That brings us to music. I’d heard that music makes people more comfortable on shoots with a new photographer, and I’d employed that technique a couple times already. Cue Taylor, the 90’s girl. Now, I asked Taylor about this upon writing this blog, and she denied that she listens to 90’s music…I don’t know what’s real anymore! Regardless, she certainly dressed the part – I don’t know many people who still where tube socks as high as her.

Well, we got close to ending up at a beach, but that isn’t Taylor’s go-to spot. Her thing is neon – and lot’s of it. I’m not an expert by any means in night photography, so after we caught the sunset dip behind the mountains leading up the coast, we headed on down to Santa Monica Pier. I’m not great at night photography by any means, but here’s what we got.

After that, we hit Hungry Jack and then the road back. I hadn’t realized but we had been out for a long time, and I guess we got a bit carried away shooting.

But it’s okay to have some fun, too.

Parting shot:


Next blog: I’m mixing it up – we’re taking a trip to Wyoming real soon…

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