Taking My Shelby GT to Logan Canyon

  Ahh, what a lovely day for driving a Shelby in Logan Canyon. It seriously was a beautiful day for a canyon drive up Logan Canyon and well, I hadn't ever taken her out for a ride up the canyon, so why not go for it sometime! I think she loved getting out and about, … Continue reading Taking My Shelby GT to Logan Canyon

Five More Tips For Better Portraits

When I wrote the first edition of this, I realized nearly a week after that I had even more ideas for ways to create better portraits, so we're back with more ways to better your photography and step up your portraiture work! I hope this is informative and easy enough to understand so you can … Continue reading Five More Tips For Better Portraits

Exploring Millcreek Canyon

I love get in and get out adventures! Driving through the different canyons in Utah is honestly so much fun. It can be unbelievably breathtaking at times! You're able to find so many different photo locations and I think that's one of the reasons driving through them is so fun. I'd been in this canyon … Continue reading Exploring Millcreek Canyon

Creating Wanderlust Photos in Utah

It seriously is all about location, location, location. And angles. Like a lot of angles, y'all. It's not that hard to create if you live in the right area! Luckily, Utah is a travel destination, and has no shortage of stunning places to visit - and to take bomb wanderlust-style photos. Let's dive into this shoot, … Continue reading Creating Wanderlust Photos in Utah

9 Tips on Portrait Photography Locations & Outfits

The two of these go hand-in-hand, sometimes quite literally. Portraying a mood in a photo is essential in creating a powerful image. I always recommend to bring a few different outfits for a particular shoot. This helps for two reasons. One, it gives me and the model more variety, allowing us to portray several different … Continue reading 9 Tips on Portrait Photography Locations & Outfits