Creating Wanderlust Photos in Utah

It seriously is all about location, location, location. And angles. Like a lot of angles, y’all.

It’s not that hard to create if you live in the right area! Luckily, Utah is a travel destination, and has no shortage of stunning places to visit – and to take bomb wanderlust-style photos. Let’s dive into this shoot, shall we?

The above photo on the right is a near perfect example of a travel photographer’s photo. A girl, standing with a big hat, looking towards the sky, as mountains loom in the background. Isn’t that what travel photos are all about? It’s even better when there’s snow on them, right? Fortunately, here in Utah, that isn’t too hard to pull off.

Especially when we’re treated with locations like this…

One thing that seems to be a staple in wanderlust photos is to have a dramatic backdrop. It tells a more dramatic story and honestly, creates such a powerful image in the process. Seeing someone stand in front of amazing scenery shows how beautiful the world actually is. And, it shows how talented people are in order to capture such beauty.

Water always helps, too. A giant lake or river or waterfall gets your points across! We actually planned to shoot by this lake originally but it’s actually used for recreational purposes. Finding a spot where there were no people in the background was tough! We managed to do it (there’s actually a kayaker or two behind Hannah!), and I especially love the photo in the middle.

Next up, I found a spot for some moody photos – not exactly wanderlust worthy, but I want to share them because it’s a different style of photography. These could easily pair well with some sort of inspirational quote on the image, sparking a fire inside someone. These moody photos are so wonderful to me because it’s something I do so rarely but really enjoy doing!

Next, we have road photos – these are typical, aren’t they? A figure running down a road, his back to the camera. Or a girl, sitting in the middle of the road, facing the camera. Some of these are so typical but they’re honestly a lot of fun to shoot.

Wildflowers! Nothing says traveling like a bunch (literally) of wildflowers! Hannah randomly started picking these on the side of the road because she liked them and she started posing, so I started snapping pictures! We were also insanely blessed with the sky…it turned into a painting while also keeping good light. I’ll share a couple more favorites for ya!

And there we are. Here’s my little list! This was one of the best shoots I’ve done in recent memory and it was definitely worth the while. We ended up shooting for a long time, which was awesome!

Okay, we also shot with some sparklers and I couldn’t keep these photos out. This was a fun time.


Not really.

Fun to shoot with though?

Heck yeah.

Well, I hope you learned something from this! I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you had fun looking at these photos! I’m happy to be back!

Parting shot:

Spark in our eyes.

Next blog: We’ll hop canyons real quick and head over to Millcreek. This one is a pretty gorgeous blog. Stay tuned 🙂

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