Exploring Millcreek Canyon

I love get in and get out adventures!

Driving through the different canyons in Utah is honestly so much fun. It can be unbelievably breathtaking at times! You’re able to find so many different photo locations and I think that’s one of the reasons driving through them is so fun.

I’d been in this canyon a couple times before so I had a good idea of where I was heading, but there’s still some times where spontaneity is key. We’ll get into a couple spontaneous shots later on, but for now, let’s start with purposeful and planned!

These shots were fun to do – I can’t think of an instance off the top of my head where I’ve taken an overhead shot of a person laying down and I love how the photos turned out. It’s something that’s a little out of my comfort zone and made the process a but more enjoyable!

Honestly, these are some of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken. The lighting on this road was near perfect and was completely even for the duration of the time we were were on the road. Plus, it’s a bit of a callback to my wanderlust blog, which, if you haven’t read that one, go check it out! (there’s lots of mountain photos…).

Here’s some more because I can’t stop oogling over these. I love the tones in these!!

Oh, and if you can get someone to lay on the middle line, it creates such a cook shot. You saw it here!!

From there we moved into some wooded area and were able to capture some really, really green shots. Like, there’s so much green in these shots it’s not even funny! It’s definitely a different style of shooting for me because usually I thrive on dramatic backgrounds with lots of depth. We didn’t have much of that here!

Now for two spurts of spontaneity. Long story short, there was a group of kids with a campfire that they were putting out and I asked them if we could use the smoke as a little backdrop. It didn’t turn out exactly the way I figured it would but hey, we took a shot and tried it out!

The other one was a bit random, but it also shows the personality of shooting with me. Becca and I pulled over on the side of the road because I saw a little stream, and we began shooting with that. I must’ve said something random or un-funny because…well, we have this as a reactionary shot!!

It started to get a bit darker and we were wrapping up our shoot when I spied a bridge we had passed on our way up here. The light was fading really fast but not before we snapped a few quick ones on this bridge. Honestly, the dramatic black background and the way the light was hitting Becca turned these into some really stunning portraits. I was so proud of these! We might’ve had an entry into my Best of 2019 folder?? I’ll let you guess which one it is, but stay tuned for that blog in late December!

This shoot was definitely a good one! I got a lot of photos I’m super proud of. But, summer has come and gone and the temperature has gotten noticeable cooler…

We’ll see ya in the next blog!

Parting shot:

One of the best.

Next blog: I’ve started getting into food photography, so that’s been pretty fun! Get ready for a shorty, coming right up! 🙂

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