Something About Spot Coffee

Faith and I have a thing for coffee shops.

Spot Coffee, in particular.

We’ve gone to a different location every time we’ve gone out shooting and they never disappoint. First Delaware Ave, Hertel Ave, and now Elmwood Ave. I’m not sure why we’ve ended our shoots at a different one each time but we’re three for three and we’ve agreed we’re not stopping there! We hope to get to three more (four or six more if we feel like taking some short little road-trips) and I definitely think we’ll make it.


See, I’ve become the closest person to being a coffee connoisseur without actually drinking coffee. I certainly like coffee, but I’m not the type of person that goes to coffee shops in search of the best brew. That being said, the coffee at Spot Coffee is definitely appeasing. I really enjoy it! Spot Coffee lets you put in your own sugar, so I always put one packet of “real cane sugar” and stir. It’s always a winner.


Usually when I’m there, hot chocolate is my go-to drink. It’s actually so good, and the added whipped cream adds a fresh, styled look and delicious taste. Always ask for it in a ceramic mug – you’ll want to praise the barista who creates this utter masterpiece.



Who doesn’t love bagels?! This guy (me) loves a cinnamon raisin bagel, toasted, with a thick layer of cream cheese. Yeah, I’m that guy that loves a lot of cream cheese on a bagel. Some people like a light coating, similar to butter, and I’m sure they’d do it if you asked nicely! They also do a mean pizza bagel – I won’t divulge the rest, but I’ll definitely leave you directions to their locations!


Finally, their legendary omelettes.

If you love omelettes, you’ll love these ones. Always cooked to perfection, I always get mine with cheddar cheese, ham, and bacon. Seriously, go get one.


Oh, as a bonus – their waffles are made from scratch and they serve them with berries. These are only offered on weekends, but their exclusivity is worth the wait, one hundred percent.


So there ya have it – I’ve gushed all over Spot Coffee. The locations Faith and I have visited are Delaware Ave, Hertel Ave, and Elmwood Ave. The other ones Faith and I want to get to are in Kenmore, Williamsville, and Clarence. Other locations are in Orchard Park and Hamburg, and, if we’re up for it, Rochester.


We’ll see what we get to and I’ll definitely update you on our Spot Coffee journeys.


There will be more…

Parting shots:


Next blog: We’ve got a couple more tips on the way. Stay tuned!

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