TIPS ON TUESDAY: Bad Habits in Photography

I wrote this and didn’t post it! Ahh!!

Anyways, I have some of the worst habits ever.

There’s honestly so many things I do in photography I need to remedy. I decided I would, well, make a list of all these things I need to axe from my habits! Here’s a couple things I do in photography, whether it’s pre-shoot, during the shoot, or after the shoot, that I need to work on. And who knows, maybe you’re guilty of it too!


This blog has been a long time coming…also uploading this one on a Wednesday because I forgot to schedule it for yesterday, so yes, it’s a special edition of Tips on Tuesday.

(1) Assuming everything is in your camera bag

Always check to make sure everything is there. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve thought I had my 24mm lens, or my my extra memory card or extra battery was still in my camera bag from the previous shoot. I’m out doing multiple shoots per week and can have as many as two or three per day, and between coming back in between shoots and getting ready for the next one, often times, I forget something. Also, just to add, bring that lens you don’t want to bring.

You always wish you had it on the shoot.

You’re smiling now because you’ve forgotten it sometimes.

Ya hate to see it.

(2) Not checking camera settings when switching locations

Your location switches and so, you must do the same with your settings. Just make that little check before you start shooting. One of the worst things you have to tell a model is “Hey, these are all over-exposed (or under-exposed), I need to do these again, do you mind?” I never like asking this and I’m sure I’m not the only one that happens to.

Check your settings. It’s seriously a time-saving, easily resolved issue.

(3) Deleting photos in camera




Horrible, horrible mistake. Not even one’s you know are bad. Just don’t do it. You can’t see everything on that tiny, 3-inch screen. It’s far better to bring them back, offload them to your computer, and look at them on a big screen. This is something I’ve tried to cut back on time and time again. Every once in a while I’ll delete some and AHH! I need to stop! This almost directly leads us into bad habit number four.

(4) Offloading card immediately

I am so guilty of not doing this. Sometimes I do it the day after, other times actual days later. Why is this a bad habit? Well, I like to have my photos in at least two places: my memory card in my camera, and my laptop (I also have a hard drive and I should back my photos up there, too, but…I don’t. Sue me). Every once in a while, I’ll run out of space on a shoot and I need to go through and delete some photos. And then I’m like, “Shoot, did I ever offload those photos I took that one day? I think I did…”

I need a “I know I did“. So, after you conclude your shoot, just bolt straight to your computer, make a folder for your shoot, and offload. Then hang out with your friends and get your coffee and whatever else you do when you get home. Seriously, this one is a life saver.

(5) Not shooting enough

My film professor and my internship supervisor have told me this time and time again.

Shoot. More.

My supervisor said he learned this while doing news journalism: “When you think you’ve shot enough video, shoot ten more.”

The truth to this statement is unparalleled. I think I’ve said this to every habit so far but seriously, I am so guilty of this. Just shoot more. I get that there are deadlines and whatnot but if you don’t have a definitive end time, just shoot 20 more photos. Don’t do that tricky shot one time. Do it five times to ensure you’ve got the shot you wanted.

Well, that’s all from me today. I hope you take some of these tips and bring them with you the next time you shoot! I know I do (and honestly, I’m sure I’ll keep doing these, but I’m trying to break free from these habits! And you can too!

Okay, bye bye now!

~ Justin


P.S. If you’re ever in Buffalo, you’ve got to go to this coffee shop on Hertel Ave. It’s called Daily Planet and it’s unreal.

Okay, here’s the parting shots!

Parting shots:

Next blog: Hmm…perhaps…a springtime blog? I’ve got a couple I could roll out…is it finally spring in Buffalo?!

3 thoughts on “TIPS ON TUESDAY: Bad Habits in Photography

    1. Thank you!! I’m really guilty of all of these, so hopefully some of these were helpful to you as well! Definitely get out and shoot again, it’s a way for me to release my creative energy!

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